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As business lawyers we understand the needs of business owners to resolve contract disputes and lawsuits efficiently and cost-effectively. A.K. Esquire strives to negotiate workable solutions and, if needed, prepare for trial in the event that a dispute escalates. We make sure all the details of contracts and other transactional matters are properly addressed so our clients can avoid breach of contract lawsuits and other expensive and time-consuming disputes. However, when litigation is necessary, we are prepared to take the matter as far as needed to get the best result for our clients. Our combination of attention to detail and aggressive litigation gives small and medium sized business organizations the representation they need.

Examples Of Business And Commercial Matters

The Fell Law Firm offers a full spectrum of business and commercial law services, including the following areas:

Drafting and review of business contracts of any nature
Contract disputes (breach of contract)
Commercial lease disputes
Purchase or sale of businesses
Construction litigation involving general contractors, subcontractors and consumers
Suits against home builders for non-performance or defects
Drafting non-compete agreements
Prosecuting and defending business-related lawsuits
Commercial account collection
Drafting and reviewing commercial and residential leases
Fraud, embezzlements and other business torts
Personal injury and dram shop defense
Non-compete agreements and restrictive covenants
Injunctions, liens and specific performance

Why Should My Business Hire AK Esquire?

A.K. Esquire has extensive business representation knowledge and care. We’re well positioned to represent business and commercial clients in litigation. Our goal is to help clients deal with legal matters in the most cost-effective and timely way possible, freeing them to once again focus on running the business. Our reputation for providing effective business advocacy is well-earned. We have the resources and experience to meet your expectations. We believe that a majority of business disputes can be prevented by properly executed contracts that save clients the time and expense of litigation.

Helping Clients Avoid Litigation

Most businesses will inevitably be involved in a legal dispute sooner or later. Many disputes could have been avoided by hiring a lawyer to draft and review contracts and make sure that other business transactions are properly completed. In contrast to a poorly written contract that begs to be exploited, a thorough and legally sound contract saves an organization time, money and disruption. A.K. Esquire can draft or examine construction contracts, buy-sell agreements, employment agreements, leases, financing agreements, contracts for goods or services and other written agreements to protect your interests.

A.K. Esquire is committed to providing clients with sound legal advice, correctly drafted documents and aggressive representation in court. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!

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