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As business lawyers we understand the needs of business owners to resolve contract disputes and lawsuits efficiently and cost-effectively. A.K. Esquire strives to negotiate workable solutions and, if needed, prepare for trial in the event that a dispute escalates. We make sure all the details of contracts and other transactional matters are properly addressed so our clients can avoid breach of contract lawsuits and other expensive and time-consuming disputes. However, when litigation is necessary, we are prepared to take the matter as far as needed to get the best result for our clients. Our combination of attention to detail and aggressive litigation gives small and medium sized business organizations the representation they need.

Examples Of Business And Commercial Matters

The Fell Law Firm offers a full spectrum of business and commercial law services, including the following areas:

Drafting and review of business contracts of any nature
Contract disputes (breach of contract)
Commercial lease disputes
Purchase or sale of businesses
Construction litigation involving general contractors, subcontractors and consumers
Suits against home builders for non-performance or defects
Drafting non-compete agreements
Prosecuting and defending business-related lawsuits
Commercial account collection
Drafting and reviewing commercial and residential leases
Fraud, embezzlements and other business torts
Personal injury and dram shop defense
Non-compete agreements and restrictive covenants
Injunctions, liens and specific performance

Why Should My Business Hire AK Esquire?

A.K. Esquire has extensive business representation knowledge and care. We’re well positioned to represent business and commercial clients in litigation. Our goal is to help clients deal with legal matters in the most cost-effective and timely way possible, freeing them to once again focus on running the business. Our reputation for providing effective business advocacy is well-earned. We have the resources and experience to meet your expectations. We believe that a majority of business disputes can be prevented by properly executed contracts that save clients the time and expense of litigation.

Helping Clients Avoid Litigation

Most businesses will inevitably be involved in a legal dispute sooner or later. Many disputes could have been avoided by hiring a lawyer to draft and review contracts and make sure that other business transactions are properly completed. In contrast to a poorly written contract that begs to be exploited, a thorough and legally sound contract saves an organization time, money and disruption. A.K. Esquire can draft or examine construction contracts, buy-sell agreements, employment agreements, leases, financing agreements, contracts for goods or services and other written agreements to protect your interests.

A.K. Esquire is committed to providing clients with sound legal advice, correctly drafted documents and aggressive representation in court. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!

Real Estate
Business Law
Accident & Injury
Family Law
Business Representation
Estate Planning

We’ll eliminate those real estate law headaches for you.

Allow A.K. Esquire help you with all legal matters pertaining to your real estate needs.

Our real estate department at AK Esquire represents and counsels property owners, investors, developers, lenders and borrowers, and groups of owners such as condominium and homeowner’s associations (HOAs) throughout South Florida!

This includes:

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Closings
Commercial Lending
Secured Transactions
Landlord/Tenant Issues
Residential and Commercial Lease Review and Drafting
Drafting Deeds
Drafting Power of Attorney for Real Estate and Borrowing Transactions
Construction, Housing, and Land Development Laws
Drafting Condominium Documents
Real Estate Litigation
Eminent Domain and Inverse Condemnation
Environmental Matters
Purchases and Sales

The law offices of A.K. Esquire have represented clients throughout Florida with their real estate legal needs. We’ve provided valuable legal advice to buyers and sellers of both commercial and residential real estate. Our office also specializes in handling real estate closings. When you close with our experienced attorneys you get the added benefit of getting sound legal advice as it pertains to your real estate transaction.



When you hire an experienced Real Estate Lawyer to handle closing your commercial or residential real estate transaction you get benefits that are not available to those using non-attorney title companies. The largest benefit is that if there is a problem with the target property, a lawyer has the tools and knowledge to fix that problem and cure title defects. Non-attorney title companies are not going to be able to cure most title defects and you will have to retain an attorney to remedy the defect before returning to close your deal which often results in significant delays or even losing the deal. Many times an attorney will be able to cure the defect and close on the scheduled closing date. For typical title defects, our real estate lawyers do not charge an additional fee to cure title. We view this added service as fulfilling our promise to provide the best possible service to our clients.


Our office is experienced in representing commercial lenders or hard-money lenders secured by Commercial Real Estate. Our real estate lawyers assist lenders in completing due diligence, securing the loan with the first mortgage on commercial real property, and procuring a title insurance policy with limited exceptions. We also have the interpersonal skills necessary to explain the nature of each transaction to both the lender and the borrower. Our real estate lawyers understand that each transaction is unique and we approach each transaction with careful attention to detail to ensure that our clients receive the soundest legal representation.


Our office represents real estate developers on a wide array of projects including:

Purchase and Sale Agreement
Escrow Services
Drafting Condominium Documents
HOA Turnover
Other community-related issues
Our firm has assisted developers in some of the most successful projects on the West Coast of Florida. No matter how small or large the scope of the project may be, our real estate attorneys treat each project with meticulous care to ensure that our clients are protected.


Our real estate attorneys are experienced and skilled in assisting buyer and seller of commercial and residential real estate with their contract negotiations. We understand that each deal begins with the negotiation of the contract and we have the ability to explain the pros and cons of each integral detail of the contract. Whether clients are using standard FAR-BAR real estate contracts or we are drafting a tailor-made agreement each provision must be carefully considered in light of the nature of the transaction.


Far too often, landlords and tenants mistakenly assume that the lease they have been provided is adequate. A leasehold interest in a property is a legal right to occupy and use real estate subject to the terms of the lease. Our experienced real estate lawyers can help negotiate and review leases for landlords and for tenants.

Lease terms may be long, and hard to understand. Therefore, it is important to consider all the challenges and problems that may occur in the distant future. A.K. Esquire is here to worry about this for you!


Our real estate lawyers are experienced in assisting real estate developers to conduct due diligence on a prospective acquisition. Often times, investors need due diligence completed on short notice, perhaps because the target property is being sold at a public auction.

Investors should be extremely cautious when purchasing a property at auction and they need to review and understand what liens may be on the property, what mortgages are not satisfied, and what other encumbrances could surface in the future. Our real estate lawyers have the ability to pull a full title report on a target property and review the relevant history to understand what potential problems may exist. After we have investigated the target property, investors can purchase with peace of mind.


Florida Foreclosure law is extremely confusing and complex. Our experienced real estate lawyers can assist both lenders and borrowers with the foreclosure process to accomplish their individual objectives. From a borrower perspective, we will review every aspect of the loan to ensure that the lender has complied with all of its obligations. Our borrowers also receive the added benefit of staying in their home while we fight on your behalf. When representing lenders, we aggressively pursue the case to real the most expedient and efficient resolution possible.


Our real estate lawyers are incredibly knowledgeable about Florida landlord-tenant law and are experienced in assisting both landlords and tenants with achieving their legal objectives. Florida law is very unforgiving for tenants who do not pay their rent and our real estate attorneys will ensure that landlords are able to retake possession of their property quickly from a non-paying tenant.

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Your business, is our business. Let us help you.

A.K. Esquire’s commercial department represent businesses of all types and sizes from the very small (macro) business through micro, small and mid-sized up to companies with large revenues, providing services in a wide variety of business or endeavors, including:

Start up
Financial services
Real Estate
Construction and design
Other businesses


The scope of our business and corporate law practice is broad, from the simple to the complex. Listing each and every area in which a Business lawyer provides services to a business would take up too much of your time to read. However, using the various stages of a business’ life, a healthy sample of the areas in which a business lawyer helps a business and its owners and employees include:


A.K. Esquire is sensitive to the limited resources that some start-up businesses are facing and helps business owners in directing the use of their funds and which actions the business owner can take himself/herself and which require the help of an experienced business transactions attorney. There is more legal work to be done than a start-up can afford in the beginning and our firm helps directly in the practical and economical use of the legal budget.

Business can use lawyers at various times, from the time of the idea to start or buy a business, through the years of operation and growth of the business, to the sale of the business or passing the business on to the next generation. This known as “cradle to grave” in the business world.


Business Law provides opportunities to prevent problems in the future by structuring the business relationship in a wa